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BALLOT PRINTING Today’s election world is data driven and to respond to this IVS has developed 100% digital solutions to merge variable data elements to static ballot artwork at the prepress level. These solutions remove the added expense to a jurisdiction for plate changes while mitigating risk of having the incorrect back applied to the front of a ballot. A truly digital process also allows a jurisdiction to utilize 4/4 color technology empowering counties to use unique color combinations in headers and stubs for easy identification by election staff for different types of ballots such as absentee, polls, and mail.

MAIL BALLOT TRACKING IVS provides mail ballot tracking of voters through the Pitney Bowes “Track My Mail” portal. IVS will configure each jurisdiction’s secure login to their site, define jurisdiction contacts to receive daily scans, upload & download voter data, and provide Webex training on how to use mail ballot tracking. IVS can also provide an export file to other voter tracking vendors.

VOTE BY MAIL Elections are one of the few truly zero error industries in the world today and this level of scrutiny must be matched with an equally scrutinized process. IVS has designed and developed unique digital solutions that provide not only a one-to-one match assuring that every voter gets the right ballot, but also solutions that empower the counties with a by ready-access chain of custody providing a seamless audit trail while optimizing mailing to qualify for the highest level of USPS postage savings.


  “4 Over 4” Full Color Print Process
  Ability to Print Multi-colored Ballots
  Full Automated Duplexing of All Ballot Sizes
   Variable Data Overlays on the Ballot
  Comprehensive Finishing Capabilities including
        Full Range of Stitching, Folding and Shrink-Wrapping
  Pre-Filled Test Decks With Expected Results Reporting
  Envelope Composition and Manufacturing
  Full Service Voter VR Data Processing
  Flexible Voter Information On Envelopes
  Inserting With Up To 8 Station Camera Matching
  Data and Image Capture Abilities
  Intelligent Mail Barcode Technologies
  USPS Outgoing Mail Tracking
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