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ELECTION EXPERIENCE Integrated Voting Systems, Inc. staff has been in the election services industry for nearly two decades. Over the last several years our industry has seen great change in regards to the level
of scrutiny we all are exposed to as well as an ever-decreasing timeframe in which counties are expected to perform the critical tasks required to administer an election. To that end, IVS has been diligent in reinventing itself to meet this need. IVS has two full service VBM and/or ballot production facilities located across the United States, not only providing unprecedented levels of redundancy but also providing key election insight as to how different states handle different needs. This has allowed our team to build custom software and production solutions designed to not only make today’s elections easier on you, but future elections as well. Additionally, IVS has implemented a series of checks and balances, including county personnel oversight, in order 
to achieve a near ‘Perfect’ result. As a final measure of chain-of- custody we can provide county with a digital audit trail of how every ballot, envelope and voter were handled and mailed.

Meet the Team:

Chris Stallings, CEO

Chris is a dynamic leader with diverse background including knowledge and implementation of Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing/AIB/SQF practices in the workplace. Full P&L responsibilities in Web Offset, Sheet-fed, and Digital Printing with various In-Line and Coating applications along with Die Cutting, Finishing, Distribution and Facility Maintenance in Commercial, Direct Mail, and Packaging applications.

John Elder, VP of Sales/Business Development
John has been involved in election services sales and operations for over 22 years and brings an intense level of customer commitment along with his passion for customer service to the team.  John was the General Manager of Diebold Elections Print & Mail Division where there was 300+ clients and over 30 million ballots per election. John also conceptualized, managed development, and implemented the first automated signature capture and electronic signature recognition process to the elections industry with Los Angeles County in 1999.  

Joey Rocha, IT Manager

For the past 20 years Joey has been processing the company’s data through Postal Presort software, organizing, streamlining, and capturing the best rates for our customers data.  Joey has been processing all county voter guides booklets for the past 10 years.  Along with processing data, Joey has been maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure, aiding customers with FTP connectivity, cyber security, and file management.  Joey has also been designing customers full variable data and art utility statements, postcards, letters, and booklets. 

Justin Elder, Prepress, Print & Technical Lead
Justin has dedicated 21 years in understanding election needs and processes.  His specialty has been in figuring out how to apply that knowledge by using technology to create specific VBM solutions to help make things easier and more efficient.  He understands ballot certification process, ballot & paper specifications, quality control of tabulation system overlays, and the VBM process. Justin will work with you to develop technical aspects of your process.  

Boby Rael, Production Manager
For nearly 20 years Boby has developed and maintained Ballots, Vote-by-Mail and Voter Guides processes.  She understands both the current and upcoming requirements of USPS and how to assist cities and counties with the packet assembly and mailing process.  This includes staying current with IMB regulations in order qualify for the best available postal rates and the highest level of accepted mail.

Chan Bravo, Customer Service / Project Manager

With over a decade of experience in the world of Ballots, Vote-by-Mail, Tabor Notices, schedules, deliveries, and USPS liaison. Chan understands how to proactively work with counties in a way that meets the needs while exceeding expectations.

Stephanie Elder, Customer Service / Project Manager

Stephanie has been an election coordinator since 2001. She has worked directly from ballot printing to vote- by-mail and everything in between. Stephanie has the ability to handle multiple projects at once while maintaining calm. She has a pro-active approach in making sure that no step of the process is overlooked. Her knowledge and diligent work ethics allow her to achieve overall customer satisfaction.

Fernando Ramirez, Production Manager of Mailing Services

Fernando has been on the ground level for over 20 years and provides and maintains all production, processing, and flow to assure the highest level of quality control and job completion.  His expertise on final details has helped at the core level of maintaining the machines, labor force, and his deep knowledge of Postal requirements. He upholds a high level of expectation from his staff and is very critical and efficient with deadlines.

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